PA CareerLink® Lackawanna County

Recruit & Advertise

PA CareerLink® Lackawanna County Business Services Center

PA CareerLink® Lackawanna County Business Services Center

Recruitment, Advertising, and Job Posting Assistance

PA CareerLink® Lackawanna County offers a wide variety of ways to help you recruit and advertise for your available positions. We can…

  • Create an advertisement flyer for you if you don’t have one

  • Send out your advertisement flyer through our e-mail blast list

  • Post your advertisement flyer on all of our social media accounts

  • Recruit from the active job seekers working through programs at the PA CareerLink®

  • Post the advertisement flyer on our T.V.s in the lobby and vestibule

  • Print hard copies of your flyer for job seekers to take

  • Post your available jobs on the PA CareerLink® website

    • For more information regarding posting your positions, please reference our Job Posting page.

  • Quarterly job fairs and industry-specific sector initiatives available to employers at no cost

We have a Business Service Center and testing space available on-site for employers to conduct interviews, recruitment events, and staff training.

  • Space is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

  • Your first visit is absolutely no cost, and every visit thereafter incurs a $50 fee payable by invoice for the entire day

  • While here you have access to free parking, copier/scanner/fax, coffee, and break room

  • We conduct all the advertising and recruitment for these events

If you are interested in booking a Recruitment Event, please contact Juan Mendez at (570) 963-4671 ext. 3006 or