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The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation helps individuals with mental, physical or emotional disabilities to gain employment

About OVR

The PA Office of Vocational Rehabilitation serves individuals with disabilities that prove a substantial barrier to gaining or sustaining employment. They provide a wide variety of services to assist in gaining, entering, or retaining a job.

OVR Services

Every person receiving OVR services is assigned a Career Counselor who will meet with you to develop an effective employment plan. Services provided by OVR include diagnostic services, aptitude testing, resume and interviewing assistance, job search leads, advocacy, training services, and equipment preparation. Supportive services may also be provided if they necessary to start a career. Those supportive services include room and board, transportation, home modifications, tools and licenses, job site modifications and more.

Getting Started

You must be eligible to receive OVR Services. Eligibility includes…

  • Having a disability that is a physical, mental, or emotional impairment which results in a substantial impediment to employment, OR…

  • Vocation Rehabilitation services are required for you to prepare for, engage in, or retain gainful employment

Interested in learning more about OVR?

1.) You can find more information on the PA Dept. of Labor and Industry’s OVR Page.

2.) You can contact your local OVR office by finding their contact info through the OVR Office Directory.

3.) To apply for OVR services online, you can access the step-by-step instruction guide here.

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