PA CareerLink® Lackawanna County

PA CareerLink Website

PA CareerLink® Website

Similar to Indeed and Monster, this website is Pennsylvania’s job searching website. It serves Job Seekers, Employers, and Training Providers of all kinds.

Job Seekers can…

  • search for employment

  • register to comply with UC requirements

  • apply for disability services through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)

  • explore career pathways and complete skills assessment

  • learn about veterans’ services… and more!

Employers can….

  • post their available positions

  • report their new hires

  • access labor market information

  • search for candidates in our resume database… and more!

If you are having difficulty creating an account on PA CareerLink®, access our step-by-step registration guide here.

If you need assistance creating or posting your resume to your PA CareerLink® account, access our resume guide here.

For further assistance, please stop by PA CareerLink® Lackawanna County or call us at (570) 963-4671.